Bandits converted schools to personal use In Zamfara

bandits converted schools to personal use in zamfara
bandits converted schools to personal use in zamfara

Across Zamfara, some classrooms have been converted to personal use by bandits terrorizing residents and forcing the closure of schools.

Daily Trust findings indicate that armed criminals took over dozens of schools in isolated rural communities that are highly traumatized.

As a result of the criminals’ activities, pupils and teachers abandoned the schools.

Residents in Birnin Magaji Local Government Area of the state report that the headmaster of one primary school was once confronted by armed men who asked him to end lessons for the day as they planned to sleep in the classrooms.

Immediately closing the school and calling all pupils home, the headmaster closed the school without any hesitation.

Scores of armed bandits have been killed in airstrikes after they took shelter in the empty classrooms of abandoned primary schools across the state.

On top of that, schools were lacking teachers because many had rejected postings to rural schools due to the risks involved.

As a result, the schools were either abandoned or left without enough teaching personnel.

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