Bandits demand N300m ransom for abducted UNIABUJA staff

bandits demand n300m ransom for abducted uniabuja staff (1)
bandits demand n300m ransom for abducted uniabuja staff (1)

The Bandits behind the kidnapping of six people from the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) staff quarters have allegedly contacted their families and demanded a hefty N300 million ransom.

Gunmen stormed the university’s staff quarters on Tuesday, November 2, and kidnapped Obansa Joseph, a professor of economics, his two children, and three other people.

The shooters, according to eyewitnesses, were “not older than 25” and numbered about 30.

They are believed to have fired a few shots into the air while they carried out the two-hour long assault.

According to reports, the assailants are now demanding N50 million for each victim they have abducted.

In all, they’re seeking for almost N300 million. UNICAJ spokesperson Habib Yakob has no information on whether or whether the company has given the company an ultimatum to pay or not.

One of the abductees’ sons, Mustapha Sambo, said that the kidnappers demanded N100 million in ransom from his family after they kidnapped his father.

It was said that they seized both of our cell phones and his wallet. That was followed by an admission of a financial emergency. They kidnapped him when we told them we didn’t have any money at home, and demanded N100 million before releasing him, he claimed.

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