Bandits kill at least 30 in northern Nigeria – Governor Tambuwal

bandits kill at least 30 in northern nigeria governor tambuwal
bandits kill at least 30 in northern nigeria governor tambuwal

According to the governor’s administration, at least 30 persons were murdered by bandits in an assault on Sokoto state in northern Nigeria on Monday.

Sokoto Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal stated in a statement that the attack started at a weekly market in Goronyo on Sunday and lasted into the morning on Monday.

In addition to the 60 corpses found in the morgue at Goronyo General Hospital, a local resident and merchant told Reuters that others were injured while trying to flee.

As the market was bustling with customers and vendors, the assailants burst in.

He said that when they encircled the market, the guys began “firing randomly at us,” murdering individuals as they went.

According to Abba, the assailants first overwhelmed responding police officers. A request for comment from the media was not immediately returned by a police spokesperson.

Many people have been murdered and hundreds of others abducted for ransom by gunmen in northern Nigeria during the last year in a security crisis that the government is attempting to address via communications blackouts, military operations, and increased police in the area.

All telephone and internet services were temporarily shut down by government order as military activities escalated across Zamfara state early in September. The blackout subsequently spread to other areas of the state as military operations continued to be conducted in the area.

In his statement, Tambuwal urged the deployment of additional resources and an increase in the number of security personnel in the state.

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