Bill Cosby Thanks Snoop Dogg For Blasting Gayle King Over Kobe Bryant Sexual Assault Questions

Gayle King posing questions to Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case upset a lot of people. Most notably, Snoop Dogg responded with harsh words online. Bill Cosby noticed Snoop Dogg’s response from jail and sent praise to the rapper.

Cosby, who is currently serving a three- to 10-year sentence for his conviction of sexual assault, is still active on social media. After hearing the words Snoop Dogg had for King in a video he posted, the Cosby Show star wanted to show his gratitude. He posted a split-screen photo on Instagram of himself pointing over to the famed rapper, who is wearing a gold chain and giving the peace symbol.

“Snoop — when they brought me to my gated community and placed me inside of my penthouse, they didn’t win nor did they silence me,” the former television star wrote both on Instagram and in a series of tweets.


The 82-year-old echoed Snoop Dogg’s words about tarnishing people after they have passed.

“It’s so sad and disappointing that successful Black Women are being used to tarnish the image and legacy of successful Black Men, even in death,” Cosby wrote in his online statement.

He questioned why some people would use the tactic of disparaging the dead for their own gain, and wondered if they were desperate for “fame, ratings and/or money?”

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This news of the Superior Court denying Mr. Cosby’s appeal is appalling and disappointing, but it shows the level of corruption that resides in the Judicial System of Pennsylvania. These panel of judges never took the time to review the clear facts of Mr. Cosby’s appeal. Mr. Cosby’s appeal outlined the bias of Judge Steve T. O’Neill; showed that the jurists were tainted by juror #11 who stated, “Mr. Cosby is guilty, let’s not waste a lot of time and find him guilty;” showed that the 404(b) witnesses should have never being allowed to offer testimony in Mr. Cosby’s trial because they had “no” similar interests with Andrea Constand; and most importantly, Mr. Cosby’s deposition should have never been considered at the trial. It’s obvious that these judges’ minds were made up because they didn’t take the time to dissect Mr. Cosby’s appeal. We’re not shocked because it shows the world that this isn’t about justice, but this is a political scheme to destroy Mr. Cosby, however they will not stop us and we will prevail in the State Supreme Court. Mr. Cosby remains hopeful and he stands behind his innocence. #corruptjudgesinPennsylvania #politicalschemeagainstBillCosby #JusticeForBillCosby #FreeBillCosby #FarFromFinished

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Cosby was not only thanking the rapper for himself but said this came on behalf of his wife and his whole family. He ended the statement by saying his “prayers” were not only with the Bryant family, but also with Michael Jackson’s.

“My heartfelt prayers are with Kobe and his family, as well as with Michael Jackson and his family. May their legacies live on forever.”

There were a series of hashtags included with his Instagram post including “#ThankYouSnoopDogg,” “#StopTearingDownBlackMen,” “#MichaelJacksonLegacyLivesOn,” and finally “#BillCosbyFarFromFinished.”

The responses to Cosby’s Instagram post have been mostly positive.

“Finally wisdom Kobe’s Legacy Has God’s watching over him and his Legacy because he kept Gods covenant and commandments,” another user replied.

As reported by The Inquisitr, King issued a video statement after the interview clip went viral saying she was “mortified” and “embarrassed.” The CBS personality maintains that the clip of her asking about Bryant’s sexual assault case was taken out of context from a “wide-ranging interview.” She publicly admonished the network for posting “the most salacious” part.

Snoop Dogg’s video accused the interviewer of intentionally “tarnishing” Bryant’s legacy.

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