Boko Haram coerces Niger residents to marry off their daughters

boko haram coerces niger residents to marry off their daughters
boko haram coerces niger residents to marry off their daughters

Several Boko Haram insurgents are forcing young girls to get married off at the age of 12 in Shiroro Local Government Area in Niger State, according to reports. The insurgents told residents of affected communities not to recognize any constituted authority.

Shauntv reported that Boko Haram expands across north-central Nigeria, An official from the state’s information commission and a local official said Boko Haram insurgents have seized multiple communities in the north-central state of Niger, offering villagers money and incorporating them into their ranks to fight the government. READ MORE

Bello Ibrahim, Co-Convener of Concerned Shiroro Youths, told our correspondent that, “At one time, they were in Kawure, the village of former Niger East Senator David Umaru.

Nevertheless, there was an operation to dislodge them by the joint military task force.

Although they were dispatched, since there is no military base there, they had to reconvene after a while.

So, they have now extended their tentacles to other communities, such as Kuregbe, Awulo, and a whole host of others.”.bled the locals, both Muslims and Christians, ordering them to marry off any 12 year old girls.

Besides Boko Haram, there is no law in the area. If locals have any feuds, whether family issues or community issues, they contact them.

“No matter how difficult the situation may be, it should not be reported to police, courts, or other authorities for resolution.”

According to another resident, the criminals operate freely.

“They are operating freely and mingling freely with the villagers,” he noted.

In those villages, they have become constituted authorities. Kaure, Awulo, and Kuregbe are their operational bases. Locals are forced to obey them.

Rather than bandits, we know that Boko Haram elements are operating in Chukuba and Kuregbe wards.

Shiroro Local Government Chairman Suleiman Chukuba confirmed the influx of Boko Haram elements, saying, “On the issue of influx of Boko Haram in Shiroro, only four wards have been affected.”.

Due to their mode of preaching, he said, residents were led to believe they were Boko Haram elements.

“They told the villagers they had money to help them and guns they could give them to fight the government. The same doctrine is promoted by Boko Haram elements,” he said.

Residents, however, said they had not recruited the locals despite coercing them in certain areas, such as not reporting any case or feud to police or court and the legal marriage age for girls.

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