Bola Tinubu has been anointed as the next president, says Bishop

bola tinubu has been anointed as the next president, says bishop
bola tinubu has been anointed as the next president, says bishop

Bishop Ayodeji Ipinmoroti, General Overseer and Primate of the Christ Revelation Church of God a.k.a Holy Promise, says Nigeria was not meant to disintegrate.

Bishop Ipinmoroti revealed his recent encounter with God during a sermon to commemorate the Children National Day, which foretold that former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu would be the next President of Nigeria.

According to Ipinmoroti, certain mysteries must be solved for Tinubu Presidency to materialize.

Bishop Ayodeji Ipinmoroti, said he would emerge even if many of his political associates betrayed him before the elections.

Bishop Ipinmoroti said that God revealed to him that Nigeria’s system will work again, but that we must repent of our sinful ways. The only way to put things right is through the prayers of the faithful.”

“I do not see Nigeria breaking apart,” he said. Tinubu is the right peg for the right hole in  the 2023 presidential election.

“He is a man of integrity who possesses the administrative experience and political skills to weather the storms of nation-state politics.

“At this point of political, social, and psychological uncertainty, Tinubu is the only candidate who can fix the near-broken down Nigerian structure.

“I am a minister of the gospel and a clergyman. I was sent to Tinubu by God. I will explain some mysteries to him when I see him in person.

He may have been betrayed by his political associates yet he emerged as President in 2023.

“Let Tinubu contest if he’s interested in running for president. He will win the election, as God showed me.

“I believe Tinubu can give Nigeria, as God had told me, the genuine merit to rescue the  sinking boat of the nation from capsizing.

“The economy will remain stable. The wage and salary crisis will soon end. The era of ethnic problems, inflations, and industrial actions will soon end.

“Every problem has an expiration date. Nigerian workers are jubilant. By voting for God’s chosen candidate in the 2023 election, we can make this happen. Tinubu is the God-chosen candidate.

“I see a major change in the Presidency, but God did not direct me to Buhari. Let Tinubu take part in the contest if he is interested. He is being crowned. “However, I need to talk to him directly about how to proceed in light of what God has told me.”

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