Brisbane will host the summer Olympics in 2032

Brisbane will host the summer Olympics in 2032
Brisbane will host the summer Olympics in 2032

Brisbane will host the 2032 summer Olympics after the International Olympic Committee approved the recommendation of its executive board on Wednesday.

As hundreds of people gathered at the river’s edge to watch the IOC session on the big screen, Brisbane became the third Australian city to get the Games after Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

Premier Scott Morrison said the day was historic not just for Brisbane and Queensland, but for the entire country.

It is only global cities that can secure the Olympic games, so this is a fitting recognition of Brisbane’s standing in our region and around the world.”

The state capital had been chosen as the preferred host in February and received the executive board’s approval last month.

As a result of its selection, Australia becomes only the second country after the United States to stage summer Olympic Games in three different cities.

As we look ahead to major events that will kick-start economic growth and social benefits for decades, Morrison said it is an important step forward for Australia.

Indonesia, Hungary’s capital Budapest, China, Qatar’s Doha, and Germany’s Ruhr valley region had all expressed interest in hosting the 2032 Games.

However, under a new system adopted by the IOC, it was already known that Brisbane would move ahead of any rivals in February after being selected as a “preferred host”.

IOC Vice President John Coates, who is in charge of the Australian Olympic Committee, said the Games in Brisbane would be in good hands.

“And I make this commitment to the athletes of the world – we will give you an unforgettable experience.”

Among other reasons, the city’s bid was praised by the IOC for having a high percentage of existing venues, government and private sector support, experience in organizing major events, and its favourable weather.

The Australian government’s commitment in April to split infrastructure costs 50-50 with local governments further boosted its chances.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games were held in Queensland.

Awarded the Games to Australia was also a nod to IOC member Coates, one of the closest allies of IOC president Thomas Bach.

Coates, who reaches the IOC age limit of 74 in 2024 and will have to leave the organisation, unsuccessfully bid to secure the 1992 Games for Brisbane, which were eventually awarded to Barcelona.

The IOC overhauled its bidding rules in 2019 to cut costs and make the process easier for cities. In contrast to past elections, no official candidate cities are campaigning ahead of the vote.

A preferred host city is picked by the IOC after discussions with all cities interested, and then it is voted on by its delegates.

This week, Tokyo will host the postponed 2020 Olympics, and Paris will host the 2024 Olympics. The 2028 summer Olympics will be held in Los Angeles.

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