Buhari has done more projects in the south-east than we had in 16 years of PDP – Gov Umahi

buhari has done more projects in the south east than we had in 16 years of pdp gov umahi
buhari has done more projects in the south east than we had in 16 years of pdp gov umahi

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state says President Buhari has accomplished more projects for the South East than the PDP government that ruled for 16 years.

The statement was made by Umahi during an interview with Channels TV on Monday, June 14.

"The insecurity they used against the APC is a seed that was sown in the 16 year PDP administration, and has been borne out since their tenure. That is why we suffer now, and that is why the president is making every effort to find a solution.

The APC doesn't market its government very well, in my opinion. The president has done more projects in the south-east than the PDP had in 16 years." he said.

In addition, the governor denied claims that the security architecture of Nigeria has never included indigenes of the South East.

''People still claim we are not represented at the security council meeting of this  nation. I  disagree with that statement.

At the time the late Attahiru was the Chief of Army Staff COAS, our brother Akanonu was number 15 in ranking, but Attahiru, out of love, made him second in command.

Now, the man ought to have told our people that this was a favor for him and we are representing you in order to thank the late Chief of Army Staff and thank Mr. President, because the actual owner of the military is really the number two.

I had to visit the family of late Attahiru on behalf of the Southeast to express our appreciation for what he did. His military assistant is also my junior brother, and they both hail from the same local government. Therefore, there is misinformation.

We said when it was time to replace him, this man is from the South East, he is the second person we should consider for the job. In fact, he is number 15''he said, which is incorrect.

Governor Umahi, who is also the chairman of the southeast governors forum, said he doesn’t believe the South Easterners are marginalized

''There are certain things that happen in this country that even the President and ministers are unaware of. For example, when someone from the South East is due for promotion or a particular appointment and is not appointed, how will the President know? 

My position is that we should articulate all our grieviances and let the youths give us the opportunity and the chance to engage the center. Some of these grieviances, we may take it on our own and look at the issues and then we would be able to say this is good, this is not good. Forexample, I never knew that somebody from the SouthEast is the second in command in the Navy or the Airforce. I can't remember precisely. We need to know some of these things. I cannot say that the South East is not marginalised but it cannot be in totality''he said

The governor added that as part of measures to restructure the country and make it more inclusive as well as quell the tension in the country, Nigeria needs to produce one vice-president who will represent each geo-political zone.

“Well, I have a different view about this restructuring thing. My position about restructuring — for example: there are certain valid suggestions that have been made, to have six vice-presidents in the country. Each one is kind of coming from each of the geo-political zones. Tension will go down. This is very important.

Now, I will recommend administrative restructuring, which is making sub-national governments to be strengthened, devolving power and responsibilities to sub-national governments; abolishing the local governments” he said
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