Buhari Has Raise The Value Of Land In Your Village Even if he hasn’t done anything

buhari has raise the value of land in your village even if he hasn't done anything
buhari has raise the value of land in your village even if he hasn’t done anything

Rotim Amaechi, the minister for transportation, says President Buhari has enhanced the lives of Nigerians in various ways.

He told Daily Trust that many of the problems blamed on the current government date back to a previous administration.

The current administration’s infrastructural projects have had a positive impact on people in various ways, according to him.

Insecurity is blamed on us, but the real reason there is insecurity is that the economy does not empower Nigerians. As a governor, I would say that if a government cannot produce a legitimate economy, Nigerians will produce one for themselves. The people are poor.”

„I ask people if they honestly believe that poverty was brought about by the government of President Buhari. The formation of our government was not a single event; it was a process that culminated over time.

“Anyone who thinks he can solve it in a day is joking. In eight years, the next government will not solve it. We were expected to bring out the money to share, which was the norm before, but Buhari said “no, this isn’t sustainable.”

“If we had a productive economy, the man would no doubt be certain that empowerment is more important than living on money given as a gift. In a month, this money will not sustain the person, and when it runs out, the person will beg again on the streets.

In every area where railways are being built, people are bidding to buy land, which is due to an increase in land value. “Even if Buhari hasn’t done anything, he has raised the value of land in your village; the same applies to roads.”

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