Buhari: Insurgency, banditry worsen displacement, poverty

Buhari: Insurgency, banditry worsen displacement, poverty
Buhari: Insurgency, banditry worsen displacement, poverty

Insurgents and bandits, according to President Buhari, are to blame for the increased number of people forced to flee their homes and the consequent increase in poverty.

Peace has become an elusive topic in many African countries, he said, and this has hampered progress.

The African First Ladies Peace Mission’s 9th annual general assembly opened on Monday in Abuja with his remarks (AFLPM).

he asked African leaders and other stakeholders to help the ladies achieve their primary goal of creating a peaceful society.

The AFLPM’s resolutions intended at fostering peace and prosperity in Africa will be supported by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.


There is no denying that the collapse of peace has the greatest impact on women and children. That’s why you, as moms, have a special role to play in promoting peace and taking appropriate action when it’s called for.

On behalf of the first women, he thanked Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari on the acquisition of land for the construction of a secretariat for the Mission’s Abuja headquarters.

The First Lady of Nigeria was overwhelmingly chosen as the new president of the AFLPM during its 9th General Assembly.

“As we close this summit, let history guide us to guarantee that the Africa we give to our children today is better than the one we inherited,” Aisha Buhari said in her acceptance speech.

In a short message of goodwill, Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Onyeama said that Africa was at a crucial juncture in its history, with a number of crises threatening the continent’s stability.

In this grave scenario, he urged leaders to take urgent action and work together.

“Africa is bleeding abundantly. Africa is suffering. Africa is bleeding. It’s time for us to band together, he added.

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