Cameroonian Soldiers Instill Fear Among Taraba Residents

cameroonian soldiers instill fear among taraba residents
cameroonian soldiers instill fear among taraba residents

Some villagers of Taraba State’s Mairogo and Tosso villages have complained about alleged intimidation by Cameroonian military.

The people claim that troops from the neighbouring nation have been crossing into Nigeria in pursuit of Ambazonian insurgents.

Ambazonian separatists, like Biafra agitators, want Cameroon divided.

The aggrieved people demanded that the Federal Government step in.

Chairman Kurmi Local Government, where those villages are located, John Joseph Amamzalla, commented on the issue, saying that foreign forces were harassing and terrorising the communities for supposedly sheltering separatists.

He said that troops were raiding communities under the guise of looking for fugitive Ambazonian militants.

According to the chairman, the influx of foreign forces has compelled Nigerian inhabitants in the impacted areas to evacuate to Baissa, the local government headquarters.

He urged the Nigerian government to take immediate action by deploying security agents to communities along the nation’s border with Cameroon to prevent future invasion by troops from the country.

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