Chelsea reportedly set to withdraw from Super League as fans protest

chelsea reportedly set to withdraw from super league as fans protest
chelsea reportedly set to withdraw from super league as fans protest

Chelsea are reportedly set to announce they are withdrawing from the breakaway European Super League.

As fans protested outside Stamford Bridge this evening, club great Petr Cech had to plead with them to allow the team bus access.

Supporters descended on the stadium ahead of the Premier League match with Brighton to show their fierce opposition to the controversial plan for a closed-shop competition. 

Former goalkeeper Cech, now Chelsea’s technical and performance adviser, approached them in a bid to clear space and was filmed calling for calm.

Let the team bus in

He could be heard saying: “Let people sort this out. This is not OK. You are harming the team.

“Let the people in. Let the bus go in.”

The Blues were among 12 clubs — six of them from the Premier League — to announce their involvement in a lucrative new competition on Sunday.

The launch of the Super League would see Chelsea and their allies no longer enter the Champions League, instead guaranteed a place in the alternative tournament.

Proposals have brought condemnation from many in the football world due to their anti-competitive nature, with only limited spaces for rival teams regardless of the performances of the 12 founding clubs.

The 14 Premier League teams not invited to the Super League voted “unanimously and vigorously” against the plans earlier today.

Super League clubs have so far publicly remained resolute in their pursuit of the competition.

But widespread reports have claimed both Chelsea and Manchester City are preparing to request to withdraw.

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