Chris Ngige, tackles Nigerians who always attack President Buhari

chris ngige, tackles nigerians who always attack president buhari
chris ngige, tackles nigerians who always attack president buhari

Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment, says President Buhari has tolerated a lot of criticism from people who now see him as a willing horse. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo did not give Nigerians such freedom to criticize and attack him and his government.

On Monday, June 14, Ngige told Channels Television that. Many leaders, he says, won’t condone the kind of criticism Buhari receives.

    Politicking must have a limit. If a government or a president has performed well, then give them kudos. Point out any areas where he hasn’t done well and discuss them.

    The president of this country is a democrat, and he is so scared of a breach of the Constitution. I am even stronger than him in that regard.

In response to the anchor of the show’s observation that Nigerians would contest his claim that President Buhari is afraid of breaking the law, Ngige responded:

    People in the media and on social media would be interested. Which country…even President Obasanjo, can he give you this latitude? He won’t. My father, my grandfather, or my senior uncle all know him. You will not get that from him. “He (Buhari) is a willing horse, and you (Nigerians) want to ride him to death,” Ngige said during the show.

Ngige said moving the presidency to the southeast by 2023 would help change the narrative that the people in the  region have been marginalized.

    People in the area have felt marginalized, unappreciated, whether or not it was done by propaganda and brainwashing is now  immaterial.

    As such, I agree with that proposal, because unfortunately, Nigeria’s constitution doesn’t have that clause. This is where I disagree with those who drafted the 1999 Constitution.

    As of today, even tomorrow, I believe that the Abacha Constitution of 1995 that calls for rotating presidency into Nigeria’s six zones, a single five-year term, will heal all the wounds: the wounds of civil war, and the wounds of June 12.

    Now, that would have been the best constitution for Nigerians to use for the next 30 years by which the six zones would have been tested by the presidency”, the minister said.

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