Cross River police arrest 126 suspected criminals

cross river police arrest 126 suspected criminals
cross river police arrest 126 suspected criminals

126 suspected criminals have been arrested by the Cross River State Police Command in the Northern and Central Senatorial Districts.

CP Sikiru Akande told newsmen in Calabar that 68 suspects were arrested in the Northern senatorial district while 58 were arrested in the Central senatorial district.

CP Sikiru Akande said, “My officers who are in the central senatorial district have carried out similar operations and they have 58 different suspects, while the officers in the north have about 68 different suspects.

“In the Southern senatorial district, we have 109 criminals arrested from different parts of the district. We are to use all possible methods to ensure that peace is restored in our region, which is the mandate of the current police administration.

CP Akande said there is cultism in every armed robbery, in every kidnap. According to him, cultism gives the heart the power to do and undo, and it is commonly used for nefarious purposes because of cultism’s reputation as an impressive instrument in society.

In addition, he assured that efforts will be made to reduce cell congestion, especially since courts are still on strike.

“We will use the opportunity to screen them to the last person so that, if it is possible, we can put out the fire that is likely to come from that area.”

“We will profile them and send them back to their different communities to police the area. Now that we have their pictures, now that we have their fingerprints, if anything happens in that area, they will be held responsible.”

„We have a template, criminals before now didn’t have identities; now they do; we’re going to profile them, we’re going to send them back to their communities with a digital monitoring capability. We want to use them to fight future crime because we have so many people from different parts of the city.

The first suspect to be picked up if anything happens in their area will be them. They will maintain peace if they don’t want to suffer. There are too many creeks created by these individuals. When people who live around these areas see strange faces, they say something, he said.

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