Delta State has yet to receive £4.2 million from Ibori’s loot – Official

delta state has yet to receive £4.2 million from ibori's loot official
delta state has yet to receive £4.2 million from ibori’s loot official

The Delta State Government still has not received the £4.2 million looted by Ibori from the federal government.

As reported on Tuesday May 25, Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris, said the £4.2 million Ibori loot is in the hands of Delta State.

However, Arise TV and ThisDay reported that a Delta State Government official said they had yet to receive the funds.

The source said;

For government to discuss a claim made by the federal accountant-general on air or in a House of Representatives committee meeting would be premature. If Delta is properly credited with the payment, then it is appropriate for the government to make an official statement.

It's noticeable that His Excellency, the Governor, did not address the media when there were reports that the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Malami, stated bluntly that the federal government has received the returned funds, but will not release them to Delta.

Furthermore, I think we should all wait until the state government certifies that the money has been received into its treasury."
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