Department of State Services Invites Sheik Gumi

department of state services invites sheik gumi
department of state services invites sheik gumi

Sheik Ahmad Gumi has been invited by the Department of State Services (DSS).

He was invited days after he said security operatives were conspiring with bandits.

An ARISE Television programme earlier in the week featured Gumi saying bandits would not have been able to get weapons without the help of corrupt security operatives.

VOA’s Hausa Service quoted Gumi’s spokesman, Tukur Mamu, as confirming the Sheikh’s invitation to the Kaduna office of the commission.

Gumi had been warned by the military not to utter inappropriate remarks.

According to a statement signed by Brigadier General Onyeama Nwachukwu, the spokesperson of the Nigerian Army, the allegations made by Dr. Gumi are serious and an attempt to demoralize their troops.

General Nwachukwu said the soldiers sacrificed their lives to rescue the students of Federal Government College, who were recently abducted by gunmen.

Nonetheless, his spokesman, Sheikh Gumi, dismissed the allegations made against him by the Army, calling the incidents unfortunate.

At no point in the entire discussion did the cleric blame the entire military; he stated that it was a fact that many people had fought, and even the soldiers themselves were repeatedly accused of being barbarians.

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