Doctors Say Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Must Remain On Ventilator

Doctors Say Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Must Remain On Ventilator
Doctors Say Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Must Remain On Ventilator

As of Monday morning, Waitress actor Nick Cordero, who has been suffering from a severe case of the coronavirus, must remain on a ventilator for now, according to his wife, Amanda Kloots.

On Monday, April 27, Kloots revealed on her Instagram stories that her husband has developed a fever. His doctors informed her that due to this fever spike, Cordero — who is currently in a medically induced coma — could not be removed from his ventilator until his temperature is under control.

Last week, Kloots stated that Cordero seemed to be improving as his previous two coronavirus tests were negative, and his doctors had given him a pacemaker for his irregular heartbeat. Cordero’s doctors originally had been considering taking him off the ventilator and replacing it with a breathing tube to make him more comfortable.

As reported by People, Kloots explained the sudden fever caused Cordero’s blood pressure to drop. His doctors performed a tracheostomy, put him back on his blood pressure medication, and are working to make sure that his high temperature does not worsen, Kloots said.

“They [the doctors] have got it under control. They are working on him and taking good care of him, but they are going to set aside the ventilator removal until they get this under control.”

Cordero has been battling a particularly severe case of coronavirus, which has caused other health complications for the Broadway star. He was initially admitted to the hospital on April 1 for what was thought to be pneumonia. After two initial false negatives, he later tested positive for coronavirus.

When Cordero grew significantly worse and became unconscious, he was placed in a medically induced coma. A ventilator and an ECMO machine were needed to monitor his heart and his breathing. He later had to undergo emergency surgery when another sudden infection settled into his lungs.

While in recovery from surgery, Cordero started having issues with blood clots in his leg. Last week, his right leg was amputated.

Kloots — with whom Cordero shares 10-month-old son Elvis — continues to keep fans and followers apprised of her husband’s progress.

As reported by E! News, Cordero’s Waitress cast members also sent their support with a remote performance of Cordero’s leading song from the musical “Live Your Life.”

“They’ll give you hell but don’t you let them kill your light. Not without a fight. Live your life.”

In the video, many of Cordero’s castmates held up signs with encouraging messages; “We love you Nick!,” “Nick, you got this!” and “Wake up Nick!”