Donatus Okereke Eze Ndigbo of Ifon is abducted by gunmen in Ondo

Donatus Okereke Eze Ndigbo of Ifon is abducted by gunmen in Ondo
Donatus Okereke Eze Ndigbo of Ifon is abducted by gunmen in Ondo

Donatus Okereke, Eze Ndigbo of Ifon in Ose Local Government Area of Ondo state, was seized by gunmen accused of kidnapping.

In the early hours of Monday morning, November 22, armed men kidnapped Okereke, a reputed businessman, from the Nigercat Quarry Junction in Elegbeka village, according to reports.

The abductors are said to have pulled him into the jungle and left his car on the road when they stopped him on the Ifon road.

According to a local, the victim’s vehicle was parked in the middle of the road, which prompted the community head in Ifon to get in touch with the police.

According to a community leader, Olaniyi Eni-Olotu, the event had been reported to the police station by Olaniyi Eni-Olotu.

When they kidnapped the Igbo Chief, they took him via a dense bush path heading to the jungle, he stated.

As he explained, the kidnappers used a shotgun to stop the victim’s car before robbing him, and that the money in the car belonged to the kidnappers.

“After receiving the news that he had been kidnapped, the Regent of Ifon immediately notified the police and the Amotekun corps. We are confident that the man will be recovered unharmed “Then he said something.

Detectives from the Ondo State Police Command jumped into action after the event was reported at the police station, according to a spokesman for the command.

Bullet shells were found in the road where the vehicle was parked, according to Odunlami.

“They kidnapped the victim who is a businessman by pretending he was going to go out and get some supplies. Actually, he went to a nearby quarry “The PPRO stated this, as well.

afterwards learnt that his vehicle was seen in the road and that his phone number was not going through when others who observed the vehicle attempted to call him. Because bullet shells were found on the road where they spotted his car, it is actually a case of alleged kidnapping.”

She, however, claimed that the victim would be recovered alive and uninjured as officers from the state’s police command from the region are on the trail of the hoodlums.

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