Dr. Oz Says Wearing Mask While Outside Offers False Sense Of Security

Dr. Oz Says Wearing Mask While Outside Offers False Sense Of Security
Dr. Oz Says Wearing Mask While Outside Offers False Sense Of Security

Dr Mehmet Oz gave his take on wearing cloth masks for self-protection from the coronavirus during a recent interview with Sean Hannity, and his message was hardly optimistic. He explained that wearing a cloth mask is only slightly better than wearing nothing in terms of protection from COVID-19. In addition, a lot of people have the wrong idea about what masks really do, according to Fox News.

During the interview, Dr. Oz gave his take on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent statement advising all New York residents to wear facial coverings while out on public. New York is the state that has thus far been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Mayor de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to take every precaution possible to protect themselves from this deadly pandemic and even make masks at home using scarves or bandannas if necessary.

Dr. Oz emphasized that masks certainly do not offer complete protection.

“Well, a scarf’s not going to be as good as a surgical mask and that won’t be as good as a N95 mask. But there’s a re-thinking around masks, in part because we realize that the virus doesn’t go deep in your lungs. It probably inserts itself right at the very tip of your nose,” he said.

The doctor and talk show host explained that there are a lot of different ways the virus could enter the body and it is even easier for it to enter the body of an older person or someone with underlying health issues.

In other words, the face mask might deter the virus slightly but it does not offer invincibility. Extra precaution and social distancing is incredibly essential with or without a mask, thus one should not assume they can go about their daily activities as normal just because they are wearing a mask.

“The problem with cloth masks [is it] doesn’t really protect you as well as you’d like to. You get a false sense of security, and if you play with it all the time, you actually touch your fingers to your eye. It’s better than nothing but not a ton better than nothing,” Dr. Oz went on.

Americans are encouraged not to stockpile surgery grade masks that would be used in a hospital due to serious shortages. In fact, some medical personnel are having to reuse masks because hospitals no longer have enough for them to change in between patients.

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