DSS rebukes Senator for saying they had murdered Vanguard Reporter

dss rebukes senator for saying they had murdered vanguard reporter
dss rebukes senator for saying they had murdered vanguard reporter

The Department of State Services (DSS) on Sunday rebuked Senator Emmanuel Orker-Jev of Benue North-West for claiming that the murdered Vanguard reporter, Tordue Salem, was in the hands of the secret police.

When the plenary session resumed on Tuesday, the member raised a point of order in which he claimed that the secret police had taken possession of the journalist who had gone missing at the time.

Orker-Jev said that “On October 13 between 8 and 9 p.m., Salem went missing and all phone communication with him was terminated,” citing Senate Rules orders 42 and 52.

Following his motion to suspend the rules, the Senate ordered the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, to oversee a special inquiry into the disappearance of the journalist, who was eventually discovered dead two days later.
Peter Afunanya, a spokesperson for the Department of State Services (DSS), responded to the lawmaker’s claim by describing it as “false news” that might jeopardize national unity.

When Afunanya spoke in Abuja at a one-day conference on media and national security, he expressed surprise that someone in a high-ranking position in society, such as a politician, would not seek answers on the matter before pointing accusing fingers.

“I do not believe that a responsible organization such as the Department of State Service should have been the target of such an accusation by someone like the Senator.

“He should have sought answers from the service’s office in the National Assembly,” he added.
“The Department of State Service did not arrest, detain, or have any involvement in Tordue’s death,” the DSS official said.
Tordue, on the other hand, was not associated with or covering any security organization or beat, and he had done nothing to draw the notice of any security personnel.

“The DSS, as a responsible organization, does not engage in indiscriminate and secret arrest, imprisonment, or death of anybody, and as a result, it could not have arrested or detained the journalist who was killed.

In line with the principles of our involvement, if we have a valid basis to arrest or detain anybody, we always make it public and provide justifications for our actions.

Emmanuel Ogbeche, the FCT Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, also spoke at the seminar and called for greater cooperation between the media and security agencies in order to ensure balanced, truthful, and unbiased reporting and sharing of information that can contribute to national unity, peace, and development.

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