El-Rufai says bandits are targeting his son

el rufai says bandits are targeting his son
el rufai says bandits are targeting his son

Malam Nasir El-Rufai, the Kaduna State Governor, has for the first time revealed why his son, Abubakar Al-Sadiq El-Rufai, seven, was “secretly” withdrawn from Kaduna Capital school, a year after he enrolled him in one of northern Nigeria’s oldest public schools to promote public education.

A Special Advisor to El-Rufai on Media and Communication had remained mum on why the governor suddenly withdrawn his son from school 

El-Rufai said his son was targeted by bandits because of the governor’s public stand against paying ransoms to the bandits in an interview with BBC Pidgin.

During the interview, El-Rufai revealed that it was the first time he was addressing the issue but added that his daughter, Nesrin had also been enrolled in the school when she turned six.

Although there was no threat to Nesrin, both children were removed from the school on the recommendation of security agencies in order not to endanger the safety of other students.

My son and daughter are enrolled in the school because his sister just turned six and we had to register her.

“We have had to temporarily withdraw the group due to intercepts indicating that at least two groups are planning to attack the school in order to kidnap my son.

There will be enough security in place to prevent it, but other children could become vulnerable. I don’t think they’ll succeed.

“We don’t know what weapons they will bring. Three groups of bandits have been intercepted planning to kidnap my son in the Kaduna Capital school and if they catch him, will I tell them I will not pay ransom?”, the governor replied.

In addition, he told the people of Kaduna State that he was enrolling his son in the school to prove to them that he had enough confidence in the public-school system and that he intends to fulfill his promise.

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