A Nollywood Actor Is Arrested For Portraying Mr. Ibu

a nollywood actor is arrested for portraying mr. ibu
a nollywood actor is arrested for portraying mr. ibu

John Okafor, better known by his stage as Mr. Ibu, has arrested a coworker for hacking his verified Instagram account.

Chioma Jasmine, the daughter of Mr. Ibu, explained on her social media account that her father had taken the hacker, a Nollywood actor, to the police station. In addition, she implied that the offender had confessed to the crime.

She commented, “This is to inform everyone that the individual who hacked Mr. Ibu’s verified Instagram account has been duped! He was arrested on Wednesday, and the case is still being investigated at the police station.

“He confessed to the crime, and the inquiry is still underway; it’s really unfortunate to learn that it was one of his colleagues in the Nollywood sector.

“His motivations are still unknown. His identify will be revealed based on the severity of the harm he caused with the account! Please assist us in notifying the general public that they are no longer required to report the account as it has been reinstated. Thanks.”

In addition, the caption below the photo posed the question of whether the actor’s identity should be revealed.

Since he has been pleading for forgiveness since Wednesday, should we divulge his identify or temper justice with compassion? Note that he also hacked his Facebook and the email address he uses to get bank notifications!

“He is merely pleading that we conceal his identify because, according to him, it will harm his career in the Nollywood industry! What do you all recommend we do in this regard? Continue sharing till it reaches the relevant news organisations! Thanks, best wishes! “Chioma Jasmine,” the daughter of the actor wrote.

Mr. Ibu is one of the most skilled and well-compensated performers in Nollywood.

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