Justin Dean reveals why he divorced Korra as he cries out

justin dean reveals why he divorced korra as he cries out
justin dean reveals why he divorced korra as he cries out

Justin Dean has now revealed why he divorced his wife Korra Obidi so soon after their second daughter was born.

Korra allegedly spoke nasty words about their first kid and expressed sorrow for giving birth to June, according to the doctor.

He claimed that on the night he went online to announce his divorce, Korra continuously expressed sorrow for giving birth to June, and June was weeping in his lap.

He said he contacted his mother, and she overheard Korra repeating himself.

Korra then allegedly tried to grab June from him by force, dislocating the 2-year-shoulder. old’s

He also said that when he appeared on live video the night before, requesting Korra to repeat what she said, it was exactly what he was asking her to do.

He went on to say that Korra is now keeping his children from him in order to hurt him.

He said he received messages alleging Korra was neglecting their children, and when he arrived, he saw this to be true, so he took the children with him.

He added that he later returned the children to Korra and requested her to look after them while he went to work.

When he returned, however, Korra’s friends handed him court documents stating that she had filed a restraining order against him and that he would be unable to see his children for some time.

He cried as he stated that he wants access to his children and that he would not want his infant to “go through what June has gone through the previous few years.”

He stated, ” “That’s why I’m divorcing Korra: she used the kids to harm me, which I believed was terrible. And I didn’t want June’s newborn baby, Athena, to go through what she had during the prior few years.”

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