My Ex-Husband Stole $5000 From Me, Korra Obidi Cries Out

my ex husband stole $5000 from me, korra obidi cries out
my ex husband stole $5000 from me, korra obidi cries out

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer, has accused her former husband, Justin Dean, of taking $5,000 from her.

Obidi stated in a Saturday Facebook live broadcast that she put the money to their joint account by accident, following which Dean promptly emptied it.

Obidi, enraged by the event, declared that she could no longer remain silent about marital troubles.

She stated, “The reason I have remained silent regarding the wedding is because the internet never forgets.” Knowing that the internet never forgets and prioritising my children, I decided against discussing my divorce in public.

“However, I have no choice but to do what I am doing at this time.”

Obidi bemoaned that she had received numerous bills, including a $21,000 bill for the attorney in their divorce case, claiming that Dean was not responsible.

She stated that she was now prepared to fight with her last drop of blood.

She said, “He must refund the money by tomorrow or I will release the proof, including all the horrors I have endured.”

Dean had subsequently filed for a divorce to end his marriage to the singer, which, according to Korra’s Facebook live broadcast, is still pending.


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