ESN militants and security operatives clash in Ihiala

esn militants and security operatives clash in ihiala
esn militants and security operatives clash in ihiala

ESN militants from the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) fought with police for more than three hours on Tuesday in Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra State, after a three-hour standoff at Osumoghu Junction.

During the Ihiala supplemental gubernatorial election on November 9, an incident occurred.

Imo State is where the gunmen are said to be trying to get into Ihiala. They are both border settlements in Ihiala, with communities in the neighboring state of Imo.

Joint security forces were obliged to close the Mbosi/Osumoghu junction bordering Imo State as a result of the event.

Journalists were barred from entering Osumoghu intersection by a combined security force that included mobile police officers, the Army, the Navy, and other agencies. According to the police, the journalists should turn around and go back since there was going to be a shootout.

“Your own well-being necessitates your return. We’ve been engaged in a three-hour firefight with your IPOB brethren “According to Daiilypost, a police official informed the media.

According to the security operators, “our guys are in the jungle now, and it would be hazardous for you to go this way.”

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