FBI alleges Hushpuppi paid Abba Kyari N8m to detain Chibuzo

fbi alleges hushpuppi paid abba kyari n8m to detain chibuzo
fbi alleges hushpuppi paid abba kyari n8m to detain chibuzo

Money laundering suspect Abass Ramon, aka Hushpuppi, allegedly paid Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari N8m or $20,600 to arrest and detain a “co-conspirator,” Chibuzo Kelly Vincent.

The United States District Court for the Central District of California alleged in a document dated February 12, 2021, that Hushpuppi hired Kyari after Chibuzo allegedly threatened to expose a $1.1m fraud committed against a Qatari businessman.

According to the document, Kyari provided details for an account with Zenith Bank, a Nigerian bank, in a name other than his own.

Andrew John Innocenti, a special agent for the FBI, made the allegation in a criminal complaint filed with the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

The document states, “On January 16, 2020, Abbas sent a message to Kyari on WhatsApp, then placed five calls to another number (+2348060733588) listed as ‘Abba Kyari.’ Call records show that of the five calls, only three were answered.

The next day, Abbas received a message from Kyari, confirming that they would pick him up today or tomorrow. Abbas wrote, ‘I will make sure the team is taken care of, too.’ Kyari replied, ‘Yeah, of course.'”

According to paragraphs 143 to 145 in the document, Abbas planned to pay the Nigeria Police Force officers who arrested Chibuzo for that service.

“This was not the only time Abbas had arranged payments for Kyari,” the complaint claimed, adding, “On May 20, 2020, Abbas sent Kyari transaction receipts for two transactions from Nigerian accounts (GTBank and Zenith Bank) – of a person Abbas knew in the U.A.E. – a person also arrested by Dubai Police in Abbas’ apartment in the U.A.E. – to the Nigerian bank accounts of another person in Nigeria.

“The amounts on the transaction receipts totaled 8 million Nigerian Naira, which is about $26,000 based on publicly available exchange rate information.”

As presented in the FBI document, Chibuzo revealed to Abbas how he worked on creating the “Power of Attorney” document, creating a story about the victim Businessperson, and creating a fake Wells Fargo website and telephone banking number in order to victimize the Businessperson.

A biographical and identifying information about Chibuzo, as well as a photograph, was sent by Kyari to Abbas on January 20, 2020. Abbas confirmed, ‘yes, that’s him.’

“Kyari said, ‘We have arrested him.'” Currently, he is in my cell. “This is his picture after he was arrested today.”

Kyari then sent the biographical information and photographs of Chibuzo to Abbas with two different WhatsApp numbers – one of which Kyari described as his “private number.”

Kyari and Abbas discussed Chibuzo’s arrest and detention primarily via WhatsApp on this ‘private number,'” the document continued.

Abbas responded, ‘Hahahaha,’ and Kyari answered, ‘Seriously sir,’ after receiving the photograph of Chibuzo.’ “

Then Kyari asked Chibuzo for details on what Chibuzo did with the audio, to which Kyari replied, ‘So we know what to do.’

After Kyari asked Abbas what Chibuzo had done to him, Abbas sent Kyari what follows as an audio message, which is transcribed here, about how Chibuzo tried to steal his job (i.e., fraud victim):

What he did is, I have one job. The job want to pay me 500, umm, 75,000 dollars [i.e., $575,000]. He went to message the job behind me because I told him to help me make one document for me to give the job. Then he went—he has a—I gave him the details.

Then he went to message the job behind my back and try to divert the money and in this process, he tell the job because of the documents he gave me that I gave the job, he tell the job, ‘These document they sent to you before. These people are fake. This money—is me who can help you to get it. Come to me le—bring this money you want to pay these people to me. I’m the only one who can help you,’ and all these things to divert the job for himself.

“After listening to the message, Kyari wrote, “Ok I understand. But he has not succeeded.” Abbas claimed Chibuzo had taken some money, and provided Kyari with two screenshots, one of which contained the phone number 3054405586 (the phone number Chibuzo used to contact the Victim Businessperson).

“Abbas then told Kyari, ‘Now the [Victim Businessperson] was skeptic to pay me the money cos he keep attacking the [Victim Businessperson] from his end. Now I can handle the [Victim Businessperson] correctly.”

Moreover, Abbas further alleged that Kyari had offered him money to jail Chibuzo for a long period, saying, “Please sir, let this kid be jailed for a long time.”

“Kyari replied, “Ok bro, I understand; I will discuss with my team who arrested him. . . We will take care of the case.’

“Abbas replied, ‘Sir, let me know how I can send money to the team. ‘Let them deal with him like an armed robber.’ Kyari replied, ‘OK I’ll send you their account details.'”

Abbas wrote, ‘He betrayed me and took food from my mouth, which is a great sin,’ to which Kyari replied, ‘Yes bro.’

“Abbas continued, “I want him to suffer for many years.” Kyari retorted, “Hahahaha!”. “Hahahahaha!”

In the document, Kyari was alleged to have provided the account information for a bank account at a Nigerian bank, Zenith Bank, in the name of someone other than himself.

‘Okay sir, tomorrow by noon,’ Abbas replied, promising to pay Kyari’s team the following day.

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