Five more Kaduna Baptist School students have been freed by bandits

five more kaduna baptist school students have been freed by bandits
five more kaduna baptist school students have been freed by bandits

Five more students from Bethel Baptist School in Kaduna State’s Chikun Local Government Area have been released. Rev Israel Adelani Akanji, President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, confirmed the release of the students on Friday night.

“All glory to God. This evening, October 8, five of our Bethel Baptist High School students and the Matron (Making 6) were released to us.”
“We thank God and hope that the remaining four students will be released as well.” “I appreciate your prayers and support,” he said in a statement.

The abductors, who abducted 121 students from their hostels, demanded N500,000 in ransom for each of the students.

Since then, the bandits have started releasing people in groups. The first group of 28 were supposedly freed on July 25, 2021, after their parents paid an unknown ransom.

Two of the students had previously escaped, and the bandits had freed one on medical grounds. Three of the students escaped from their captors the next day, on July 26. On July 19, 2021, the students escaped from the camp where they were being held, according to Shauntv.

An aunt of one of the kids, who requested anonymity, told Daily Trust at the time that the three youngsters had spent five days wandering inside the jungle before meeting a herdsman who guided them out.

It was also reported that one of the escaped kids who remembered his father’s phone number borrowed a phone and called home before his father arrived to pick them up.

Two more students had fled from the camps before being apprehended by authorities. On August 22, 15 additional students were freed by their captors. On August 27, 32 additional pupils were released.

The victims’ release was verified by Joseph Hayab, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chapter in Kaduna State. Hayab, who stated that the students had been reunited with their parents, did not elaborate.

After 75 days in captivity, ten of the abducted students were released on Saturday, September 18. According to a senior school official, the children were freed after an unknown sum of money was handed to the robbers, following which they were reunited with their parents and transported to the hospital for treatment.

The police apprehended three kingpins engaged in the kidnapping of the students on September 23. The accused were presented by the Force Public Relations Officers, Frank Mba, at the headquarters of the former Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Abuja.

Adamu Bello, Isiaku Lawal, and Muazu Abubakar, the accused, informed reporters that 25 of them abducted the students. They said they carried out the operation in a desperate attempt to obtain money.

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