Four Kenyan cops were convicted of killing a British aristocrat

four kenyan cops were convicted of killing a british aristocrat
four kenyan cops were convicted of killing a british aristocrat

On Monday, Kenya’s High Court convicted four police officers of the manslaughter of British aristocrat Alexander Monson, whose body was recovered in a police cell in Diani, Kenya in 2012.

It was the culmination of a high-profile case that brought attention to police violence in Kenya, and Judge Eric Ogola delivered his judgment in Mombasa.

Later in the day, the sentences will be revealed.

The body of 28-year-old Monson was recovered after he was detained for allegedly consuming marijuana on a night out in Diani, a coastal town in Kenya, near Mombasa.

After his death, Ogola alleged, the medications were put on the corpse to cover up the fact that Monson had been “brutally tortured” during his time at the station.

Baraka Bulima, Naftali Chege, and John Pamba are the four police officers. It was only after the decision was read that the four others sat down and one wailed softly.

Obligatory omissions by accused parties led to “the death of the dead,” according to Ogola.

His father Nicholas, the 12th Baron Monson, was the heir of an estate in Lincolnshire in eastern England, which Monson inherited from his father. As the judgments were read out, the older Monson nodded his head in agreement.

Government pathologists found that Monson died from a head injury after conducting two separate investigations. Attempts to cover up the event and threats against witnesses were found to have been made, an inquest concluded.

Civilians and human rights organizations often accuse Kenyan police of violence and murders without due process of law, but officers are seldom prosecuted and virtually never convicted.

Since its inception in 2011, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority has received millions of dollars in foreign money to investigate police misbehavior. Since its inception, Kenyans have submitted hundreds of complaints against the police, but just 13 policemen have been convicted.

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