God Will Vindicate Abba Kyari – Ahmad Isah

god will vindicate abba kyari – ahmad isah
god will vindicate abba kyari – ahmad isah

Ahmad Isah, the founder and broadcaster of Brekete Family, a human rights radio, Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), has done so much good to go down for a mistake.

Kyari is currently suspended following an FBI indictment.

Rumon Abbas, a self-admitted fraudster known as Hushpeppi, is deemed suspected of being a billionaire fraudster.

Hushpuppi claimed that he and one of his rivals in Nigeria had a dispute over a $1.1 million scam.
On Tuesday, Isah told his breakfast radio/television programme on 101.1 FM in Abuja that the US shouldn’t ask for Kyari’s extradition.

“This thing wey Abba Kyari enter, many police officers dey celebrate, ineffective police officers. Some of them are gossip machines, some wey be wives, na men dem be, but dem be wives to their ogas,”
“They are celebrating, they are quick to celebrate, but I will tell you whether you want to listen to me or not, Abba Kyari is not going down by the grace of God. He has done too [much] good to go down because of one mistake, even if it is true.

‘America cannot tell us how to live our lives, America is not paradise. America has homeless people, jobless people, Indian hemp smokers, cocaine users, armed robbers, serial killers, what do they expect us to conclude, is America better than Africa without bad leadership?“What do they have that we don’t have? We stand behind Abba Kyari, DCP Abba Kyari and God will vindicate him.

“One day this young man will become IGP, they are just envious of him because of his extraordinary performance, they can’t do half of what he is doing. He is too intelligent for their liking. He is a civil police officer, he is not pompous.”

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