Godfrey Zwallmark, Retired Army Captain Murdered By Kidnappers

godfrey zwallmark, retired army captain murdered by kidnappers
godfrey zwallmark, retired army captain murdered by kidnappers

In Rivers State, a former Army Captain named Godfrey Zwallmark was assassinated.

Those responsible for the deceased’s murder in Eleme Local Government Area, Rivers State, demanded N200 million in ransom from his family before dumping his body.

Three individuals were eventually apprehended after the incident was reported to the police.

Rivers State Commissioner of Police, CP Eboka, told media on the spot where the 64-year-old retired officer’s remains were discovered that the event happened on September 18th, 2021, but that it was not reported to police until one month later.

Eboka stated the Police acted immediately after the incident was reported and detained three individuals, namely Frank Ishie, Iwuji Reginald, and Gomba Okparaji, using proper information.

He said that the suspects had sought a ransom from the deceased’s relatives before killing him. He was the only witness to this.

Ishie, one of the suspects, admitted to the crime when he talked to the media.

According to the suspect, the victim was abducted in Eleme Local Government Area’s Agbonchia.

In their den, he said he was shot in the leg because he “proven recalcitrant.”

A new layout off Igbo-Etche road in Etche Local Government Area, he disclosed, is where the man died from bleeding to death.

In least four separate kidnappings have been linked to the accused, who have admitted to keeping the victims in captivity at their Igbo-Etche hideaway until ransom was paid.

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