Gov Bello Matawalle declares no more amnesty for bandits

gov bello matawalle declares no more amnesty for bandits
gov bello matawalle declares no more amnesty for bandits

Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle, said that the state government has no interest in dialoguing with bandits because they have rejected the olive branch extended previously.

Instead of dialogue, he said security forces would flush them out in Gusau, the state capital.

As the bandits failed to meet the conditions of the earlier peace initiative, the governor said during his address to a congregation, my administration would no longer grant amnesty.

In order to restore peace in the state, he urged residents to be patient and support new security measures.

In response to the barrage of attacks on bandits by the security forces, Matawalle said they were seeking dialogue with the government.

Their emissaries told him they had repented and wished to dialogue with the government.

As a result of the new security measures introduced by the state government, some bandits were fleeing Zamfara for other states.

The governor warned politicians against giving any support to bandits, advising them to “fear God and stop buying motorcycles for people who later sell them to bandits to perpetuate their evil acts.”.

The government would prosecute any politician caught in the act, he said.

In the meantime, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has suspended the telecommunication network in the state for a period of two weeks.

All banking services, mobile phone services, internet and other related services have also been suspended.

According to a related development, the Commissioner of Police in Zamfara, Ayuba Elkanah, has suspended the movement of all motorcycles with clutches in 13 local government areas of the state.

Elkanah urged members of the public to continue supporting security agencies by providing them with information that would aid in the fight against crimes in the state.

In order to achieve this goal, additional measures have been taken. As part of the earlier enforcement of restrictions on motorcycles and tricycles in Gusau Local Government Area, motorcycles and tricycles with clutches have been banned in the 13 local government areas of the state.

It is equally prohibited to ride motorcycles with clutches in Gusau and Mada, Elkanah said.

Police commissioner said that they have authoritative information that some unscrupulous elements use the vehicles, especially Golf III cars and Canter trucks, to supply petroleum products and food to bandits in their camps.

Residents in Zamfara were urged by Elkanah to bear with the security agencies because the measures put in place were temporary and in the interest of the state.

According to the police commissioner, residents should remain law-abiding and work closely with security agencies to bring peace and security back to the state.

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