Governor Akeredolu urged people of Ondo to substitute pork for beef

governor akeredolu urged people of ondo to substitute pork for beef
governor akeredolu urged people of ondo to substitute pork for beef

Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, the governor of Ondo State, says his government will encourage consumption of pork as a substitute for beef in order to save millions of naira, which provides beef to other states.

As part of activities marking his 100th day in office, Akeredolu commissioned a Dutch Pig Farm and its supporting facilities at Ilutoro in Akure North Local Government Area of the state.

According to the governor, the money that is lost to other states that provide cows and other meat would have remained inside the state to lubricate the economy.

Aside from creating jobs for youth, he added that pork lovers’ dietary intake would be increased since the meat is an alternative to beef.

Additionally, we would also open up our rural areas for development.

It is mind-boggling that millions of Naira leave this State weekly as a result of beef consumption.

Essentially, the money that would have stayed within the state to lubricate its economy is lost to other states that supply cows and other meats.

“We addressed this ugly trend through the development of a homegrown alternative in piggeries and pig processing on the one hand, and creating real opportunities for empowerment and employment for our teeming youths on the other.

The fact that Nigeria is currently facing serious economic challenges cannot be denied.

“Youth unemployment is a scourge that has rendered a large percentage of young people in Nigeria unemployed despite constituting over 60% of the population.

“Ondo State is no exception to this worrying trend as a large proportion of its youths are unemployed or underemployed despite the abundance of opportunities available to them.

“I am aware of the issues facing pig farmers as a result of urbanization and lateral expansion of towns and cities, which are gradually displacing our farms and rural dwellers.

“Our administration has done much to reverse this trend, but we still feel there is more to be done,” Akeredolu said.

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