Governor Zulum: Security agency recruitment is politicized

governor zulum security agency recruitment is politicized
governor zulum security agency recruitment is politicized

Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state has said recruitment into Nigerian security agencies is politicized.

On September 29, Borno state governor made the claim in a lecture titled “Ungoverned Space and Insecurity in the Sahelian Region: Implications for Nigerian Domestic Security” at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, Plateau State.

Zulum believes some recruits to security agencies are simply there because they have no other job. Such individuals show no dedication or commitment.

According to Zulum:

“The major problem is the recruitment process. Those being recruited into the Nigerian Army, police and other security agencies are job seekers. Many of them are there because they don’t have a job.

“Those enlisted 20 years ago are performing well, but these people are looking for employment only. So, there’s no commitment and dedication.

“These days, governors, ministers and other top government functionaries have slots. Nobody is to interview them whether they are qualified or not. Admission into Nigerian Army, police and others are now politicized.

“Unless we get it right, nothing will happen in this country.

“If we want to make progress, we must ensure that we pick the best. If not, we shall continue to recruit the dull ones. We must engage those that can deliver because we have a lot of competent Nigerians.”

Zulum said the police should be decentralized; 

“Honestly speaking, I, Babagana Zulum, will not support it, not because I don’t like it, but because of the implications.

“Nigeria is not mature for state police. Some state governors can use it to wipe away other tribes apart from their tribes.

“So, we have to be very careful. If half of the power given to the Nigeria Army, police and others are given to state police, Nigeria will be in problem."
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