Gulak’s killers have been arrested – Police

gulak's killers have been arrested police
gulak’s killers have been arrested police

An arrest has been announced for the gunmen who killed Ahmed Gulak, the chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Imo State resident was killed by gunfire on Sunday.

The driver of the vehicle that took him to the airport was reportedly grilled by security agents and described the vehicles as a Toyota Camry 2005 Silver color, Toyota Sienna 1998 Gold color, Toyota Hilux White color and Lexus RX 330 Gold color.

Several suspicious individuals stopped traffic at Obiangwu Junction of Ngor*okpala LGA before Gulak was killed, according to a report by Shauntv news.

“Police teams from the Special Forces, PMF, IRT, and IMO State Command Tactical Units who have all reached the Scene of the Killing have been directed to proceed on patrol and find those vehicles.

„Fortunately, at the Afor Enyi Ogwgu junction in the same Local Government Area, the police teams encountered the Hoodlums with the same vehicles as those mentioned by the driver. Hoodlums had confiscated a trailer loaded with onions from the North at Enyiogugu, Mbaise, and were busy sharing the onions with the locals  Also, they defended themselves and attacked any intruding Security agents. In that incident, three people were killed.

“When the Hoodlums spotted the Police teams, they opened fire, and the Galant teams returned fire, fatally wounding 10 of the Hoodlums, and others attempted to escape with their vehicles. 3 out of the 4 vehicles used by IPOB/ESN terrorists for the criminal acts were demobilized, and 7 of the Terrorists with bullet wounds were completely destroyed inside the Toyota Sienna and Hilux vehicles that caught fire during the Gun battle.

Several charms, 3 operational vehicles of the IPOB/ESN, 3 Ak47 rifles, 1 English pistol, 5 Ak47 magazines, 92 Ak47 shells, and 3 Ak47 magazines were recovered.

We are making serious efforts to locate and arrest several wounded IPOB/ESN terrorists who are hiding in the surrounding forested areas and villages. “The 3 bodies of IPOB/ESN terrorists that were not burnt down were brought to the Police state Headquarters while efforts to recover the burnt bodies of the hoodlums are underway.”

Nevertheless, Ambrose Nwaogwugw, the Governor’s Social Media advisor, called the arrest a big step forward in the Gulak murder investigation.

From credible security sources, I can confirm that ipob/ESN terrorists carried out the attack that killed Sen. Almad Gulak, and they have been apprehended and neutralized in the process by our gallant security operatives.”

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