Gunmen attack Bayelsa Hospital’s patients and doctors

Gunmen attack Bayelsa Hospital's patients and doctors
Gunmen attack Bayelsa Hospital’s patients and doctors

Gunmen believed to be armed robbers on Tuesday morning raided a Government hospital in Bayelsa, Diete Koki Memorial Hospital, stealing valuables and cash belonging to doctors on duty and patients as well.

In Yenagoa, the state capital, the hospital is located along Opolo Road.

In the early hours of Tuesday, an incident occurred. The suspected robbers allegedly broke into the hospital from behind the fence.

Dr Okeleghel Awudumapu, one of the doctors on duty, told journalists that the robbery gang attacked him as he returned from his call room.

According to Awudumapu, the belongings of patients in the labour ward, as well as those of their family members, were all seized.

Dr. Emmanuel Fetepigi, the Medical Director of the hospital, described the act as barbarous.

Dr Fetepigi stated that the hospital management will work with the Ministry of Health to ensure that preventative measures are taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Mr. James Benini, a security guard at the hospital, said it was the second time the hospital had been attacked.

SP Asinim Butswat, the police spokesman in Bayelsa State, said, “The incident has yet to be reported. I have contacted DPO Ekeki to obtain information from the hospital.”

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