Gunmen attack Ebonyi Police Station, killing officers and destroying vehicles

Gunmen attack Ebonyi Police Station, killing officer and destroying vehicles
Gunmen attack Ebonyi Police Station, killing officer and destroying vehicles

On Sunday night, gunmen attacked the Ohaukwu divisional police headquarters in Ebonyi State’s Ohaukwu Local Government Area, killing a police sergeant.

The thugs torched a portion of the station’s structure, as well as vehicles and other valuables.

According to the Daily Trust, the thugs assaulted the station with explosives and petrol bombs.

DSP Loveth Odah, the State Police Public Relations Officer, and Barrister Clement Odah, the Chairman of the Ohaukwu Local Government Council, both verified the event.

A police spokesperson verified the death of a police sergeant who was shot during the assault and died Monday morning, explaining that the thugs were repulsed.

At Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, the dead police officer died in natural causes.

CP Aliyu Garba, the city’s police chief, and the council’s chairman paid a visit to the station early on Monday to conduct an on-the-spot inspection.

On Monday, police began a search for the assailants who had escaped.

“At about 23.50 hours yet to be identified gunmen came into Ohaukwu Police Divisional Headquarters, to attack the station and men on duty, but they were immediately repelled and in the process one policeman, a sergeant, sustained gunshot injuries and was rushed to Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital where he was confirmed dead today,” the police spokesman said.

“They detonated a petrol bomb at the station, which damaged two vehicles: one of the station’s police cars and an exhibit car.”

Commissioner of Police Aliyu Garba has visited the location to conduct an on-site investigation. In addition, he met with representatives of the local government.

Non-state actors like as vigilante groups and hunters have provided invaluable help to the local police, as you may be aware,” said a police officer in the council area.

The Council Chairman, for his part, informed our reporter over the phone that everything had returned to normal in the region.

“I got through to the DPO, who verified it to me over the phone. For on-the-spot evaluation, I went to that location this early this morning.

“According to him, the thugs stormed the location with explosives.” According to the police report, they suffered one casualty as a result of the assault.

“The Ebubeagu Security operatives, mobile police assigned to my local government area command, joined forces and repulsed them.”

There was a lot of damage to my impression at DCO’s office and the immediate vicinity.”

EndSARS demonstrations have been going on since the dawn of time, and I don’t recall anything like this ever happening in my local government.”

“This kind of assault has never been seen before. However, the atmosphere has settled down,” the mayor said.

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