Help me beg Lanre Gentry to sign the divorce paper – Mercy Aigbe cries out

help me beg lanre gentry to sign the divorce paper mercy aigbe cries out
help me beg lanre gentry to sign the divorce paper mercy aigbe cries out

This came a few days after the actress and her estranged husband fought dirty on social media during Father’s day celebration.

When asked if the marriage has been dissolved, Mercy Aigbe said: “No. Please, everyone should appeal to him to sign the divorce papers. He has even refused to accept them. We are still married and not yet divorced. The divorce is not yet finalized. Maybe I should use this medium to appeal, you guys should help me beg him to let me go.”

When asked if Lanre Gentry is a ‘dead beat’ dad, she said:“He is.

That is who he is. He is a ‘dead beat’ dad in capital letters. He is. So, he should not come and claim some things. These are things that can be found out because the school is there. Anybody can find these things out so he should stop lying.”

Lanre Gentry claimed that you changed your child’s school because you have ‘upgraded’ and he could not afford the new fees

Mercy Aigbe said: “I saw that one and that is another big lie. That is why I felt there is a need for me to react to all these cooked-up lies. My son left primary school and went to secondary school. How did I remove him? I do not understand. I have the school receipt and the exchange of text messages between me and him, including voice notes to back up my claim that he is a ‘dead beat’ father, and he does not do his responsibility.”

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