Herdsmen kill Amotekun commander, three others in Igangan

herdsmen kill amotekun commander, three others in igangan
herdsmen kill amotekun commander, three others in igangan

Four people were killed Friday night in Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government Area of Oyo state by suspected herdsmen.

As a result of the swift response of local security operatives, the attack was thwarted.

Muri, the commander of Amotekun Corps in Ibarapa Central, was among those killed in the attack.

A Toyota Sienna bus and a Hummer bus were among four vehicles used in the raid. The vehicles were all camouflaged with military and customs camouflage.

The attackers were not confirmed at press time as sources who spoke said the residents initially lowered their guards thinking the men were customs agents searching for suspected smugglers.

The suspected gunmen arrived in the community around 7 p.m. on Friday and attacked several areas.

According to one resident, the attackers stormed the community in large numbers, but he could not give a number.

Igangan development advocate, Oladiran Oladokun confirmed the attack and said it was an attempt to invade the state through a border community, but the effort was resisted by the local security operatives.

The suspected herders came in customs and military camouflage in order to deceive the people and change the narrative that security operatives stormed the town in search of those involved in smuggling, a practice alien to the people.

He expressed disappointment over the inadequate security despite the recurrence of the attacks.

In confidence, a community leader said: “Reports reaching me now reveal that around 8:00 pm suspected herdsmen once again invaded Igangan and fired sporadically for over 30 minutes. The men wore Custom uniforms but were chased by local hunters after killing some people.

“They also passed Igboora and continued to fire, and it was reported that one Amotekun operative died in Igboora as well.

According to an Amotekun operative in Igangan who wished to remain anonymous, the quick intervention of local security personnel forced the assailants to retreat, but not before killing a number of residents as they fled through Abeokuta.

“It’s true,” he said. Around 7pm, we heard a noise around town that attackers had returned. We hurried out of town. On their way to the town, they sporadically and heavily shot around AUD Quarters.

By turning into the Jabele hotel, they killed a man there. We came after them there, so they turned back and headed towards Tapa. They killed another person in Tapa.

“When they got to Ayete, they killed one person, and when they got to Igboora, they killed Muri, the commander of Amotekun in Ibarapa Central.

“They used their military uniforms and customs uniforms as camouflage. The uniforms they wore were fake. In fact, they passed right in front of Operation Burst operatives in Ofiki, and those without any knowledge of their mission were surprised and confused.

We suspected them to be herdsmen based on the way they operated and shot randomly during the attack.

They arrived in two Toyota Hilux vans, one 18-passenger Hummer bus, and a Sienna bus. Both military and custom uniforms were worn.

It is impossible to estimate their numbers since they shot at a man sitting outside his house outside AUD Quarters as they entered Igangan town before we were able to find out where they were.

When we heard repeated gunshots, we too quickly organized ourselves to face them, and when they knew we were pursuing them, they changed direction and turned toward Tapa.

“They killed one person at Tapa, another at Ayete, and when they got to Ideere, they shot at a soldier and killed Amotekun Commander at Igboora.

“We have notified the police. But Operation Burst operatives are at Ofiki River. They claimed they were customs and army operatives and that is why they allowed them access to the town. But they said they didn’t know and they were deceived.

“We have also heard that the attackers shot at customs operatives stationed in the axis as well, which indicates that they were not genuine security operatives, but we are not certain if they have also suffered casualties.”

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