Hisbah takes action against another Kannywood actress

hisbah takes action against another kannywood actress
hisbah takes action against another kannywood actress

Ummah Shehu, a Kannywood actress who alleged that Islamic police had violated her rights aspires to be brought before state Hisbah Board members.

Harun Sani Ibn Sina, the board’s commandant, said Hisbah summoned the actress to prove her claim that the organization is turning a blind eye to its officials while frowning at the common people.

HHisbah was accused by Shehu after her colleague Sadiya Haruna was arrested and arraigned.

Haruna was arrested by Hisbah for “uploading sexual content on her social media accounts”.

Shehu must clarify what she said about Hisbah in an interview with Ibn Sina.

According to him, if she fails to submit herself and clarify the grey areas, the board will sue her for slander.

“We haven’t declared her a wanted person; what we are saying is that she should submit herself to us and clarify the allegations she made against us for the public to know.

“If what she has said is true, it demands further investigation. If she does not convince us, we will sue her for libel.”

Hisbah has been accused by Nigerians of focusing on the masses while ignoring the influential.

As a result of some pictures showing the daughter of the Emir of Bichi getting married at the weekend to President Muhammadu Buhari’s only son, the board has been under immense pressure to act.

She appeared in pictures widely circulated on social media without covering her hair in a long flowing gown.

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