However you feel about Buhari or Nigeria attacking our players is despicable

however you feel about buhari or nigeria attacking our players is despicable
however you feel about buhari or nigeria attacking our players is despicable

Femi Fani-Kayode, former minister of aviation, has reacted to video footage of a Nigerian confronting Super Falcons players in Vienna, Austria.

A man who boarded the bus with the players accused them of representing a “terrorist country that kills and kidnaps its citizens”. He said members of the women’s national football team should be ashamed of themselves for doing something that cannot be done in any European country.

FFK reacted via Instagram, asking why the players were on a bus in a foreign country. Additionally, he asked why they do not have bodyguards and security given that they are women in a foreign land, and that they are representing Nigeria.

No matter how one feels about Buhari or Nigeria, it is despicable to attack the players in such vicious verbal attacks and to insult our country. Former Minister Abdullahi says the man would have been rightfully accused of being a racist if he had been a foreigner, not a Nigerian.

F.F.K. called the Nigerian man a “grubby little foul-mouthed self-hating Uncle Tom” and Malcom X called him a “house-nig*er”.

He wrote;

The first question is why do our Female National Football Team
have to travel by public transport in a foreign country? Can't they rent a private bus?

Secondly why do they not have bodyguards and some security given the fact thst they are women in a foreign land and that they are representing our nation.

Next is an assertion: no matter how anyone feels about Buhari or Nigeria I think it is despicable for the man to attack and subject our players to such a vicious verbal assault and to insult our country. If he were a foreigner and not a Nigerian he would have been rightly accused of being a racist. He is nothing but a grubby little foul-mouthed and rude self-hating Uncle Tom.

He is what Malcom X called a "house-nig*er". I despise such people. If things are bad at home does that mean every Nigerian must be insulted? Does this animal have no self-respect or sense of patriotism or decency? Things may be tough in our country and we may be going through hard times but no-one has the right to insult, humiliate, threaten, talk down to and treat our people with contempt and disdain. Not even a fellow Nigerian that is stuck abroad! The man deserves a hot and dirty Nigerian sl*p for his impudence and insolence. Pity that none of the young Nigerian men in that bus that were subjected to his foul-mouthed and self-hating rubbish didn't give him one!
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