I have based my appointments on merit – Buhari

i have based my appointments on merit buhari
i have based my appointments on merit buhari

Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired) has stated that all his appointments were strictly based on merit and not on ethnicity or region.

The president has been criticized for allegedly appointing more northerners to strategic  positions. Nigeria’s leader said in the interview that he cannot ignore seniority and merit for the sake of balance and federalism.

Nigeria’s Constitution states that appointments and other privileges should reflect the Federal Character, that is, a balance between the 36 states. 

The president also said in his submission that he cannot favor those who have spent fewer years in service compared to those who have stayed longer. 

Some of the people who have been working there for 18 years or even ten years trained in Abeokuta or Zaria, they came from the ranks.

Because they served under all circumstances, all crises and everything, and they gradually rose to that position, and you still think you pick somebody just to balance it out? “These positions must be earned,” he said.

However, the recent appointment of Chief of Army Staff Yahaya Faruk contradicts the President’s assertion.

Yahaya was chosen over many of his seniors, who have been in service for more years and are now being forced into retirement. 

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