Ify Onwuemene, a Nollywood star, has died of cancer

ify onwuemene, a nollywood star, has died of cancer
ify onwuemene, a nollywood star, has died of cancer

Ify Onwuemene, best known for her role in Everyday People, has passed away after a battle with cancer.

According to reports, the actress, who died on Tuesday, had been battling endometrial cancer.

Gloria Anozie-Young, a colleague in the film industry, announced her death on Facebook.

Her death was announced by Anozie-Young, who said, “It is with a deep sense of loss and total submission to God Almighty that we regret to inform you of her death.” that IFEY ONWUEMENE has gone to be with the Lord.

“IFEY ONWUEME had been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. The disease has plagued her for years, even after being removed from her womb.

Her doctors told her in 2019 that she had reached stage 4 even after eight sessions of chemotherapy. In spite of this, she suffered from bloating and pain on her upper abdomen, so we are not sure if she received the wrong diagnosis or treatment.

As a result, she spent N10m, thanks to the donations of her fellow actors and friends. other Nigerians.
GoFund-me accounts were opened for her, but they didn’t yield much in return. It cost N280,000 to drain her every two weeks, but only three litres can be removed at a time so that her heart is not damaged.

Today, 25th May 2021, IFEY has finally come to rest. Her soul rests in perfect peace. Thank you. Amen.

She said burial arrangements would be made by the deceased’s family.

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