Igbos should make amends with Buhari so he can do more for the SE – Orji

Igbos should make amends with Buhari so he can do more for the SE - Orji
Igbos should make amends with Buhari so he can do more for the SE – Orji

President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to make reconciliation with the Igbo people in order to bring more development projects to the south-east, according to former Abia state governor and current Senate top whip, Orji Uzor Kalu.

Because of this, Kalu believes that supporting Buhari will result in more federal projects being implemented in his zone. He also claims that the Abia north senatorial district (his zone) was one of only two zones in both the south-east and the south-south that gave Buhari 68 percent of their votes in the 2019 elections and that Buhari has therefore “shown a great deal of love to us.”

As a constituency, “the connection with Abia north is quite cordial, and the president has shown a great deal of affection to us and has remembered us with the candidates that we voted for,” Kalu told the News Agency of Nigeria.

In the south-south and south-east, Abia North is the senatorial district that provided the president the biggest number of votes. We are the number one senatorial district in the country, and no one is daring to compete with us.”

Therefore, when people say we don’t like Buhari, we are not a part of it; we have always had a positive relationship with him. ” In 2003, we conferred a PhD on him at our institution (Abia State University), and in 2004, we elevated him to the position of chief in Igbere (Orji Kalu’s native village).

As a result, Nigerian politicians should refrain from inciting hate towards other persons in our community.”

“I urge the Igbos to work with President Buhari to find a method to make apologies and erase negative feelings, and to cooperate with the president so that he can do more for us in the remaining two years of his presidency before he leaves office.”

Aside from his reputation, Kalu said that his honesty and ability have won him the affection of many northerners who want him to run for president in 2023.

I have known most of the presidents from the northern hemisphere for a long time, and I have developed close ties with them. I do not believe I have been disappointed in any of these relationships,” he remarked.

“I’ve also met many northerners, and I’ve done so many commercial transactions with them that I’ve had to deal with them on a political level, and in terms of business, I don’t think I’ve ever disappointed anybody when it comes to buying and selling property.”

The reason people think I’m worthy is because they know that anything I say I will do, and whatever I say I will not do, I will not do it.

In the end, the northerners realize that I am honest with them, and I realize that they are sincere with them.

‘So, is it appropriate for me to abandon those who gave me the chance to be their brother at no cost when I was nothing, and now that I am someone, to abandon them?’ No, that is not the case.

When I feel better, I can’t leave them since I began with them, and I believe that sticking with them is preferable than leaving them.

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