Immigration provost, Okiemute Mrere, shot dead in Imo

immigration provost, okiemute mrere, shot dead in imo
immigration provost, okiemute mrere, shot dead in imo

Okiemute Mrere, the Chief Provost of the Nigerian Immigration Service in Imo, has been killed.

His body was discovered in a bush on Sunday morning after he was killed on Saturday night on the Owerri-Port Harcourt Road in Owerri.

He is alleged to have been riding a Hyundai Hilux van when his assailants fired at him close range.

His service pistol was found on him when his body  was discovered the next day.

At the time of the attack, the official Hilux van he was riding in was reported to be lacerated  with bullets.

Winifred Oguh, the command’s Public Relations Officer, said they had not received full details and were still investigating the incident.

“Yes, I can confirm that we lost one of our officers, Deputy Superintendent of  Immigration (DSI) Okiemute Mrere.

As investigations are still ongoing, we don’t have all the details of the incident.

It’s one of several violent killings that have taken place in the state in the last 72 hours.

Ahmed Gulak, former presidential aide, was killed by gunmen on his way to  Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport to catch a flight to Abuja.

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