IPOB In Trouble As US Bank Account Gets Shut Down Over Fraud

IPOB In Trouble As US Bank Account Gets Shut Down Over Fraud
IPOB In Trouble As US Bank Account Gets Shut Down Over Fraud

The US government has shut down the bank account of IPOB because they believe that it’s being used to perpetrate fraud.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in trouble as their bank account in the US gets shut down over fraud. The IPOB, a separatist group from Nigeria, has been running its own country for the last five years which is called Biafraland.

One of the reasons why it is difficult to get international recognition is because it does not have an official currency and this was one of the issues that led to its US bank account getting closed down.

It’s still unclear how much money was inside the account when it got closed but some reports say there could be up to $200 million dollars worth of assets frozen. On top of that, IPOB’s website domain name expired and so now they may lose

The IPOB head of directorate, Chika Edoziem, released a statement on Thursday stating that the account served as a “worldwide” platform for its members to pay their monthly contributions.

Edoziem said IPOB closed the account after the bank informed the organization that some “yet-to-be-identified persons” had accused it of operating the account fraudulently.

Members are advised to adopt the new platform and open another account to serve the same purpose.

“On behalf of the Indigenous People of Biafra worldwide, Nnamdi Kanu authorized the establishment of IPOB USA. Families were instructed to pay in their monthly contributions,” the statement reads.

“This same USA national account was also designated by our leader as the account for ESN contributions worldwide.

“The bank requested that the account be closed after yet-to-be-identified individuals reported this account as fraudulent.”

A federal high court in Abuja proscribed IPOB as a terrorist organisation in 2017 on the request of the federal government.

A ‘Republic of Biafra’ leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is accused of being a treasonous felony over his campaign.

A continuation of his trial is scheduled for July 26. He is currently in the custody of the Department of State Services.

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