Jide Kosoko: I will never regret campaigning for Buhari

jide kosoko i will never regret campaigning for buhari
jide kosoko i will never regret campaigning for buhari

Jide Kosoko, a veteran actor, has said that he has no regrets about advocating for President Buhari in 2015.

In an interview with Premium times, Kosoko said that although he is unhappy with certain of President Buhari’s acts, he cannot conclude that the President is completely terrible.

"So many factors contribute to the predicament in which we find ourselves. I cannot speak for the government, but I cannot claim that Buhari's administration is completely terrible. I've never said this explicitly and may never do so, but I am unhappy in many of his acts. I despise a scenario in which the APC administration constantly reminds us how terrible things have been since the PDP took office.

We are all aware that, prior to your decision to join, assuming power implies that you have a solution to the issues, which is my worry. Buhari is aware that discipline is his watchword; I wanted to trust him at the time, but he should understand that achieving a corrupt-free society would entail much opposition.

It's the same as if a dog is eating a bone and you want to retrieve it; it's a tug of war. I trust him, and I feel that Buhari is not corrupt, but so many other things continue to occur. This implies that immediate action must be done to put an end to such activities."

When asked whether he had any regrets about running for President, Kosoko said

"I will never be able to. I shall inquire of you and all the Nigerian youngsters ascending and descending, stating various things. Allow them to demonstrate who to follow; do you know who will succeed?

You are unaware that Professor Wole Soyinka was named the first Corps Marshall of the FRSC; he fled, unable to bear it. Therefore, if you can convince me that Jide Kosoko is the greatest person to rule us, I will follow you. However, nobody knows; we are all learning via trial and error." he said.
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