Jihadists will not be allowed to force a crisis in the South-South

jihadists will not be allowed to force a crisis in the south south
jihadists will not be allowed to force a crisis in the south south

Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), says the people of Niger Delta will resist any attempt by Fulani Jihadists to create tension and perpetrate crisis in the South-South  region.

PANDEF head and chairman of the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders’ Forum (SMBLF), Chief Edwin Clark, said on Monday in Abuja that “the people of Niger Delta will resist so as to make it impossible for the federal government security forces to cope.”

Former Minister of Information, Chief Clark said: “We have watched with restrained patience the reckless and irresponsible utterances of the so-called Fulani…Miyetti Allah, believing that they own Nigeria from the north to the sea, and therefore have the right to warn the state governments, particularly the government of Delta State and its governor, to annul, within 72 hours, the decision against open grazing taken by the 17 Governors of the South in Asaba.

Fulanis and their cronies have insulted us before, and we are reacting now.

A legislator from Kebbi State in the National Assembly asked the federal government in 2009 to resettle the people of Niger Delta in another territory to create a conducive and unhindered operating environment for oil companies. The resulting consequences, we warn, will be very unpleasant for them.

“The federal government has continuously condoned them and behaving as if the federal government is the one giving support to these Fulani…and the Miyetti Allah because what is happening today in Nigeria, which has resulted in unprecedented insecurity and bad governance in Nigeria, will be worse if they are not called to order by the federal government within the shortest time possible.”

He added that “for some Fulani…to issue such insulting and provocative 72 hours’ notice to the Governor of Delta State, without the federal government and the elders of Northern extraction, ever calling them to order, is most disappointing, considering that the same Northern elders were quick to accuse Igbo leaders of not publicly condemning IPOB.

“We will no longer tolerate hate and divisive statements targeted at deriding and insulting others, from these Fulani who believe Nigeria is exclusively theirs and other Nigerians are their subjects, and not their fellow citizens.

“Mr President should regard himself as President of one Nigeria, and not as President of the Fulani or the Northerners.

“We shall resist, at all cost, any attempt to subjugate us as citizens of one Nigeria.

“We must build up a united Nigeria where all citizens are equal and have equal opportunity to aspire to any position in their God-given land without being subjugated or reduced to become subjects without any rights in their own country.”

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