Kim Kardashian Posts Photo Booth Photoshoot For ‘SKIMS’

Kim Kardashian Posts Photo Booth Photoshoot For ‘SKIMS’
Kim Kardashian Posts Photo Booth Photoshoot For ‘SKIMS’

Kim Kardashian posted 45 photos of herself in five outfits – in two tweets – Monday afternoon. Promoting a new collection for her fashion line – SKIMS – Kim was showing followers how the items look on her famous body.


The collection – known as “Summer Mesh” will be launching May 21. In the two tweets, Kim posted nine photos of herself in each outfit. All five were top and panty sets. Kim says these outfits – which are visibly mesh – will be sold in five different colors and be between XXS and 4X for sizes.

The self-shoot – done with the popular app Photo Booth – shows Kim in a variety of poses, including some sensual ones.

In the first tweet, she posted three outfits. One is fairly light and tan, another fairly dark and reddish, and one right in the middle. The first and second outfits look like a bra and panties – while the third has a top that looks like a shirt with sleeves.

In the first set, there are two photos where she’s posed with her right arm draped over her head, one where she’s sitting with her legs folded, and two where she’s touching on/around her top.

In the second set, she has a photo where she’s looking directly and the camera and puckering her lips, as well as one where her head is all but cut off completely, pulling the viewer’s attention to her outfit and how it fits on her.

The middle row of the third set shows Kim progressively lifting her shirt, ending at showing the underside of her left breast. In the final row, her shirt comes back down, and the photos end with her striking a determined pose.

In the second tweet, Kim posted two outfits. The first looks like a black bra and panty set, while the second looks like a white bra and panty set. In one photo in the second set, she’s posed with her teeth gritted and left hand against her mouth.

Kim’s tweets have received plenty of applause from commenters.

“my favourite mama,” read one tweet.

Another said, “Very hot woman” with emojis of flames and champagne glasses clinking.

“Super Awesome Summer Ready,” commented one user with a thumbs up emoji and an emoji in sunglasses.

“i’m in love” said another.

“Kim you’re such a hardworking woman you need a reward for this lol Love you” one tweet said with a kissy face emoji

SKIMS is Kim’s fashion line that calls itself “The solution focused approach to shape enhancing undergarments.” It offers different types of clothing, including underwear, loungewear, shapewear, and face masks.

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