Kyari will be defended by 31 northern attorneys against the FBI

kyari will be defended by 31 northern attorneys against the fbi
kyari will be defended by 31 northern attorneys against the fbi

Thirty-one lawyers from northern Nigeria volunteered to provide free legal services to Abba Kyari, the former commander of the Inspector-General of the Police Intelligence Response Team.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Kyari has been accused of corruption by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States, for which he has been suspended by the Police.

In a statement, Sunusi Bappah Salisu, the group’s spokesperson, said volunteers were from the 19 northern states and different religions.

In his view, the pro bono was in response to calls for support for Kyari from the Coalition of Northern Groups.

According to him, the lawyers volunteered their services for the preservation of Kyari’s fundamental rights which could be endangered by his alleged indictment by a court in the United States of America.

Salisu indicated that they would analyze the processes used by the FBI to obtain an indictment against Kyari for his involvement in charges filed against suspected fraudster Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi.

Kyari’s fundamental rights are enshrined in articles 6 and 7 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Right that state that every individual shall have a right to liberty and to the security of his person, as well as a right to have his cause heard.”

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone charged with a crime has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a public trial where he is afforded all legal protections for his defence,” he told RT.

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