Lai Mohammed : EndSARS panel report a ‘triumph of fake news’

Lai Mohammed : EndSARS panel report a 'triumph of fake news'
Lai Mohammed : EndSARS panel report a ‘triumph of fake news’

Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, has slammed as a rehash the unconfirmed bogus news that has been playing out on social media since the Lekki Toll Gate shooting on October 20, 2020, the findings of the Lagos Judicial Panel of Inquiry.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Mohammed mentioned this.

The minister slammed a Judicial Panel for submitting a report that contained “the same claims it was set up to investigate in the first place” in the wake of an incident.

There has never been a Judicial Panel report in Nigeria replete with so many errors, inconsistencies and anomalies; assumptions, innuendoes and conclusions that are not backed by evidence as did the panel report.

“What is circulating in public space is essentially a rerun of the unconfirmed fake news that has been playing on social media since the Oct. 20th 2020 incident,” he stated.

I find it astounding that a Judicial Panel set up to investigate an occurrence has produced a report that is riddled with accusations. There’s no need for a whole year-long investigation into an incident that could have been completed in a matter of weeks by a panel of social media “told by the moonlight.”

An angry lynch mob has successfully intimidated a silent majority into silence by publishing that report, which is nothing more than the victory of fake news.

“The Team finds that from medical data examined, including the timeline of arrival at medical facility and the nature of the injuries sustained by Victims, who were taken to the 5 medical facilities, that no military grade live ammunition (high-velocity) was fired at the protesters at Lekki Tollgate on 20th October 2020,” the ballistic experts testified, “that no military grade live ammunition (high-velocity) was fired.”

Further, “it is evident that the panel’s report now in circulation cannot be relied upon since its legitimacy is under doubt. In addition, the convening body, the Lagos State Government, has failed to make public any formal report.

That hasn’t been the case with the panel either. Cowardly leaking an unsigned report to the public is not enough for the government. Unless the convening authority issues a White Paper and Gazette on it, a panel’s report is of no force until it is published in the official media.

In light of the lack of official status and validity of the study, it is premature for anybody or any organization to attempt to criticize the federal government or any of its agencies or employees.

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